Multicultural Recruitment

Georgetown actively seeks out and recruits highly talented, motivated students from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Throughout the year, we conduct recruitment events in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands. So whether you hail from a small rural community or a major metropolitan area – or somewhere in between, we invite prospective applicants to learn more about Georgetown’s dynamic, diverse and talented community of students.


Mr. Jaime C. Briseño
Senior Associate Director
Latino Recruitment Coordinator
LGTBQ Student Liaison
Undocumented/DACA Applicant Liaison

Ms. Mai L. Hinton
Assistant Director
Black/African American Recruitment Coordinator

As the Multicultural Recruitment Coordinators, we encourage you to review the various links in the UNIVERSITY RESOURCES area below, to find out more about the diversity presence on campus.

Undocumented Students

The application process for Undocumented students is exactly the same as for any other candidate, regardless of country of citizenship or where the student resides or attends high school. Georgetown’s Need-Blind admissions process and holistic review applies to all applicants : U.S. Citizens, U.S. Permanent Residents, Foreign Citizens and Undocumented students.

The holistic admissions process means that a variety of factors beyond a student’s grades and standardized testing are carefully considered by the Committee on Admissions. Undocumented students should feel comfortable providing as much information as possible on the application forms. Their status is not a ‘negative’ factor in the admissions process.

In the event you, your parents or college counselor have any questions about the admissions process, deadlines or requirements, we encourage you to contact our office by telephone at 202-687-3600 and speak to one of our Admissions Officers. You may also submit your question/inquiry directly to Mr. Jaime Briseño via email at:

University Resources

The various office websites listed below contain useful information about life on campus or specific University resources, along with organizations which support and enhance awareness of Georgetown’s diverse community of students.

CMEA: Center for Multicultural Equity and Access

Campus Ministry

LGTBQ Resource Center

Women’s Center

Academic Resource Center

Student Organizations

Georgetown Scholarship Program