COVID-19 Admissions Updates for Prospective Students:

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Georgetown looks forward to welcoming campus visitors back to the Hilltop once the university re-opens to students, staff, and faculty. In the meantime, we encourage you to join our mailing list. After signing up for our mailing list, you will receive additional information from our office, including information on our virtual information session and online student-led tour. An on-line (live) virtual information sessions is now available Monday-Friday.  Please, click on this link to register!  You may also experience our virtual tour and visit our student life blog.

2019-2020 Academic Year Information:

Georgetown will be flexible and understanding regarding the transition many of you are making to a virtual learning environment. We also understand that the school year has come to an abrupt end for others. We anticipate that some of you will  receive traditional grades for this semester and others simply be issued a pass/fail grade. Whatever the scenario you are facing, rest assured that we will work with you and your school counselor as needed. Individual schools and school districts are making decisions for their student populations that we will respect and honor when reviewing your transcript.

Standardized Testing Policy:

Georgetown will continue to require submission of either the SAT or ACT for all first-year applicants. Submission of three SAT Subject tests is recommended but not required. While Subject tests are a valued portion of our holistic admissions review process, these tests should not create a barrier for applicants. The Committee on Admissions considers all facets of student achievement and within the context of each applicant’s experience, location, and environment.

Please review our complete testing policy here

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams:

Georgetown University is pleased to announce that it will honor the scores reported to us for the 2020 online AP exams. The amount of credit awarded will be determined by Georgetown’s AP policy, which is currently being reviewed, as it is every year, and will be finalized by individual departments later this spring.  While some policies may change, they will NOT discriminate against 2020 AP scores based on the COVID-related adjustments to AP testing.