Observing Classes

Thank you for your interest in visiting a class at Georgetown University. As an opportunity to experience the vibrant academic life here at Georgetown, professors in some departments have graciously made their classes available to visiting students.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions works together with faculty members to provide you with the opportunity of experiencing the academic environment at Georgetown University.

Please note that using any electronic device (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.) during the class period is prohibited. Use of these devices can be distracting to students and disruptive to the professors. Professors may ask you to step outside if this request is violated. We hope you understand our efforts to provide you with the best possible experience when visiting our university.

Class Visit Guidelines:
  • Please consult the Georgetown University Academic Calendar before planning your visit.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to any class in order to introduce yourself to the professor and make sure it is an appropriate day for a visit.
  • Some professors ask that prospective visitors email them in advance to request permission to sit in on a particular class and are indicated with an * by their course number. These professors’ email addresses are listed next to the class location. Please email at least three days in advance to ensure you receive a response and approval to visit.
  • All students are expected to remain for the entire class period so as not to cause disruptions.
  • Please keep in mind that class visits are intended for prospective students only. We ask that parents and other family members do not attend the classes.
  • Please note, “T” stands for Tuesday and “R” stands for Thursday.
  • For a campus map click here; the building names follow the times of the classes.
  • Make sure to turn off cell phones while in class.
Spring 2017 class visits list

McDonough School of Business Classes Not Listed:
Requests for class visits must be made a week in advance (7 days) of the visit to campus. If interested in attending a class, please email msbundergrad@georgetown.edu with the date of your visit. Most professors prefer to know in advance if a visitor will be attending their course and this gives their office sufficient time to notify the faculty member. We cannot guarantee specific courses to visit or specific times. Please note that course offerings on Fridays are limited.

School of Nursing & Health Studies Classes Not Listed:
If interested in attending a class, please email med2015@georgetown.edu with the date of your visit and intended major/area of academic interest.


Observing classes in Georgetown