Transfer of Credit

Credit toward Georgetown degrees may be given for work done at other accredited institutions. An evaluation of courses accepted for transfer will be sent shortly after the notification of admission; we are not in a position to offer applicants insight on the transferability of credit at any point other than shortly after admission. If you have questions regarding the transferability of classes you have taken and/or are currently taking, please consult the Course Catalog, toggling to Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, search by Subject, Title or Key Word and then view Course Description.

Credit awarded from other institutions are subject to the following limitations:

Credit for required courses will be given if the course is similar to the one required at Georgetown.

Credit for electives will be given if the course is similar to courses offered at Georgetown. Credit for courses not offered at Georgetown will be considered on an individual basis.

Grades earned must be at least one level above minimum passing level, (e.g., C). Passing grades on a Pass/Fail system are acceptable if defined as C or better.

The maximum number of transferable credits is one-half of the total required for the degree (60 credits). All transfer students must enroll as full-time students. They must spend a minimum of four full semesters in residence at Georgetown to earn a degree. Summer sessions and study abroad programs will not count toward fulfilling the residency requirement.

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