Spring 2021 Transfer Admission Consideration

A limited number of spaces will be available for Spring 2021 transfers. In response to both increased interest and the likelihood that a limited number of additional seats will be available, the 2021-22 Georgetown Transfer Application is now available with a specific option for Spring (January) 2021 consideration. Prospective students should keep in mind that transfer admission is competitive (+/- 10-15%) and the average college/university GPA of admitted transfer candidates is approximately 3.7-4.0 in a curriculum similar to that offered by Georgetown. Each of the four undergraduate schools at Georgetown will consider Spring 2021 transfer applications.

As Georgetown University requires transfer students to complete a minimum of four semesters of degree credit (60 credit hours toward 120 total) at the University, only candidates who will have fewer that 60 transferable credits should seek Spring 2021 transfer admission. Current college/university sophomores (with 30-45 credit hours of transferable credit by January 2021) are best positioned to seek Spring 2021 transfer admission. Current college/university first-year students can apply for Spring 2021 transfer consideration, but should know that the Admissions Committee will place greatest emphasis on the final secondary school transcript and unofficial mid-semester grades (if provided by the applicant). Current college/university juniors or seniors with more than 60 transferable credits are not advised to seek Spring 2021 transfer admission.

Interested candidates must complete both the Georgetown University Transfer Application and Transfer Supplement by November 1 and indicate an interest in Spring 2021 admission. Additionally, all supporting documents need to be received by November 1: (1) college/university transcript; (2) Transfer Secondary School Report (including high school transcript); (3) Dean’s Report (i.e. College Report or letter of clearance from current institution); (4) Professor’s Report (letter of recommendation); and (5) SAT or ACT (if out of high school five or fewer years). (NB: For previous applicants, standardized testing is retained and can be matched with your subsequent transfer application.)

Alumni interviews coordinated through Georgetown Alumni Admissions Program will not be a part of the Spring 2021 transfer process.

If both the Georgetown University Transfer Application (including Supplement) and supporting materials are received by November 1, the Admissions Committee anticipates notifying Spring 2021 transfer applicants by December 1, 2020. (The anticipated reply deadline is December 10, 2020.) Please also note that Georgetown is both need-blind in admission review and commits to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all admitted students (U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents). As such, Spring 2021 transfer applicants who anticipate applying for financial aid should submit the FAFSA (Georgetown school code 001445) and CSS Profile (Georgetown school code 5244), indicating Georgetown University as a recipient, by November 1, 2020.

Interested candidates should proceed with the Georgetown University Transfer Application, (indicating Spring 2021 consideration), at their earliest convenience and meet the November 1 deadlines as noted above.

The Georgetown University Transfer Application is currently available for Spring 2021, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 consideration. All deadlines for Spring 2021 admission are November 1, 2020 and all deadlines for both Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 admission are March 1, 2021.