Transfer Wait List FAQ

Thank you for interest in securing a seat on the Transfer Waiting List. As noted in previous communication to applicants, in addition to enrolling a transfer class for Fall 2024, we will have the opportunity to enroll a cohort of transfer students for Spring (January) 2025. Only rising sophomores (who have completed two semesters of college/university work) will be considered for the Spring (January) 2025 option, in addition to Fall 2024 consideration if they desire.

We know you might have some questions about this opportunity for January 2025. Similarly, you might have questions about completing the Transfer Wait List Reply Form referenced in your May 2024 letter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you anticipate using the Wait List for Fall 2024?
Yes, we do anticipate using the transfer wait list for Fall 2024 entry, as we seek to enroll an exact sized transfer class. We cannot predict how many students will be admitted from the Wait List for Fall 2024 admission.

Do you anticipate using the Wait List for Spring 2025?
Yes. The size of the Spring transfer class is small but varies in size. Most of the seats in the Spring 2025 transfer class will be filled by candidates on the Wait List. The Admissions Committee will consider rising sophomores (who have completed two semesters of college/university work) for the Spring (January) 2025 option.

When will I hear back from Georgetown if I wish to be considered for Spring 2025 transfer admission?
We anticipate extending some if not most of our Spring 2025 offers of transfer admission this summer.

Are my chances of admission greater if I opt for Fall 2024, Spring 2025 or express interest in both?
As we do not know how many seats in the Fall 2024 transfer class will be filled from the Wait List, you should complete the Wait List Response Form indicating your preferences. You will be given three options:

  • Only Fall 2024 consideration,
  • Only Spring 2025 consideration (available for rising sophomores),
  • Interest in both Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 consideration, with the chance to express a preference for one or the other.

It stands to reason that your chances of admission would be greater in expressing an interest to both Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 (if you are a rising sophomore) as you would be considered for more possible openings. Please know that your application will be reviewed for your first preference and then for your second preference if you wish to receive consideration for both terms.

If I am interested in Spring 2025 admission, will I receive my preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation before having to make an enrollment commitment?
Yes. Just as we do for Fall transfer candidates, we anticipate providing each Spring 2025 candidate admitted from the Wait List a preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation prior to your enrollment reply deadline.

If I already indicated my interest in Spring 2025 consideration, do I need to complete this form again?
Yes. By completing the Transfer Wait List Response Form, you will be indicating your interest in being on the Transfer Waiting List and then be asked to share your preference for Fall 2024 consideration, Spring 2025 consideration (for rising sophomores) or both. Your selections on this form will override answers on previous forms or within your application.

Why are only rising sophomores considered for the Spring (January) 2025 option?
As Georgetown requires four full semesters of coursework at Georgetown for enrolling transfer students, a maximum of only 60 credits (four semesters) can be transferred into the University. Current “rising sophomores” who complete their Fall 2024 semester elsewhere and arrive at Georgetown in January 2025 will be able to complete their four semesters of coursework without requiring an excess semester. Rising sophomores will also have maximum flexibility to cover graduation requirements in five semesters at Georgetown.

If I am a rising sophomore and I wish to be considered for Spring (January) 2025 admission, what should I do for my Fall 2024 semester?
Students indicating an interest in Spring 2025 admission, who are admitted for Spring 2025 and accept their Spring 2025 admission are encouraged to return to their current institutions for their Fall 2024 semester. Students offered Spring 2025 admission will be offered Fall 2024 course selection advice by their dean at Georgetown to assure maximum transfer of credit. As previously noted too, students admitted for Spring 2025 will be provided a preliminary transfer credit evaluation prior to any enrollment deposit deadline. Students enrolling at Georgetown in Spring (January) 2025 may also use their Fall 2024 semester to secure a full-time internship or pursue other worthwhile educationally-enriching experiences.