Preparation Process

High School Education

While the Committee on Admissions is most interested in the quality of a student’s work, general promise, and seriousness of purpose, it is recommended that secondary school preparation include: a full program in English, a minimum of two years of social studies, language study, and mathematics and one year of natural science.

  • Math or Science Concentration. Students who plan a concentration in mathematics or science should include four years of mathematics and at least three years of science.
  • Nursing Program. Candidates for the nursing program should include at least three years of mathematics, and one year each of biology and chemistry.
  • Business Program. Students interested in The McDonough School of Business should complete a minimum of three years of math, through advanced algebra and trigonometry, as calculus is required of all students in the program. Two years of natural science are recommended. Because computers are used extensively in the curriculum, a course in computer science is highly recommended.
  • Language or Foreign Service Program. Students interested in the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics or the Walsh School of Foreign Service are recommended to have a background in a modern foreign language or Latin.

Advanced Placement Credit

Georgetown participates in the College Board Advanced Placement Program and awards course exemptions and college credit to entering students with qualifying scores. Applicants who seek advanced placement because they have taken one or more of the Advanced Placement Examinations should have the examination results sent to the Advanced Placement Coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions during the summer prior to enrollment. Requests for Advanced Placement credit are reviewed individually. Georgetown’s Advanced Placement Examination Policy reflects the different graduation requirements of the four undergraduate schools by making awards based on the student’s school and major. The Georgetown Undergraduate Bulletin provides the most current information regarding the awarding of AP and IB credit.

Students taught college-level courses by high school faculty are not eligible for credit in those courses, but are encouraged to take the Advanced Placement Examinations in order to be considered for credit. Students who have had occasion to take one or more regular college courses while in high school should submit an official college transcript for evaluation prior to enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Credit

Students who are enrolled in joint high school/college programs (taking college courses on college campuses while working concurrently for high school and college credit) are advised to apply as first year students, but should not expect credit for more than four courses. Participation in such programs will not significantly shorten the length of a degree program at Georgetown.


International Program Credit

Transfer credit will be awarded for the French Baccalaureat, the Italian Maturita, the Swiss Maturite, the German Abitur, and the British A-Levels. Up to a year credit is awarded for subjects in which students have taken a national or state examination. Language credit is awarded based on placement. Final credit will be determined by the program in which students matriculate and upon departmental review.

Students pursuing the International Baccalaureate must receive grades of 6 or 7 for credit transfer. Credit is awarded only for higher level subjects. Language credit is awarded based upon placement.

Other international high school programs and diplomas will be evaluated for transfer credit on a case by case basis.

Test Requirements

For the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, some test policies have been amended to allow for flexibility in recognition of the challenges and disruptions brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click here to review the 2020-2021 COVID-19 test policy updates.


SAT (SAT Code 5244)

  • Georgetown only considers the Verbal (EBRW) and Math portions of the SAT.
  • Georgetown does not review scores from the optional writing section of the SAT.
  • For applicants who take the SAT more than once, the Committee on Admissions will consider the highest EBRW score and the highest math score from multiple test administrations.

ACT (ACT Code 0668)

  • Georgetown only considers the English, Math, Reading, and Science sections of the ACT.
  • Georgetown does not review scores from the optional writing section of the ACT.
  • For applicants who take the ACT more than once, the Committee on Admissions will consider the highest composite score in the evaluation process.

Subject Tests

  • Georgetown does not require, but recommends submission of three subject tests. 
  • To complete this recommendation, candidates may submit SAT Subject test scores or Advanced Placement (AP) test scores or a combination of them.  The modified versions of the Advanced Placement (AP) exams of May 2020 will be considered acceptable. Scores are considered official if they are received directly from the College Board or as part of your high school record.
  • While subject tests scores are an important element of our application review, these tests should not create a barrier for applicants. Standardized tests represent only one factor in our holistic admissions process. The Committee on Admissions considers all facets of student achievement, both inside and outside of the classroom, and within the context of each applicant’s experience and environment.
  • Students living outside of the United States are encouraged to consider an application to Georgetown regardless of their ability to submit three SAT Subject tests. The reduced availability of testing dates and centers outside the United States, along with varied curricula around the world, can impact an student’s ability to submit the recommended three SAT Subject tests for admission to Georgetown.

Score Choice

  • Georgetown University does not participate in Score Choice.
  • Georgetown requires that you submit your entire testing record, including all sittings of the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests.

Testing and Early Action

  • Please ensure the on-time arrival of your test scores for Early Action! Please do not wait for the release of October test scores to send your entire testing record to Georgetown.
  • Given the Early Action deadline of November 1, the Committee on Admissions recognizes that applicants may not complete their standardized tests by our deadline. While Early Action candidates must submit results from any completed SAT or ACT administration, those candidates planning further SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject tests are welcome to submit an Early Action application, which will be considered complete and reviewed in its entirety.
  • Candidates applying under Early Action who sit for additional testing after the application deadline can identify their future test dates on the Georgetown Supplement. Additional scores will be added to the applicant’s application file and can be considered in the case of deferral to the Regular Decision review period.

English Language Proficiency Tests

  • Georgetown recommends, but does not require, results from an English language proficiency test for students who attend a school where English is not the language of instruction.
  • Georgetown will accept results from the TOEFL® (PBT, iBT® and IPT® Plus versions), IELTS, or DET (Duolingo English Test) to fulfill this recommendation.


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