First Year Applicant

General Information

Georgetown University welcomes applications for admission to its undergraduate schools from students of character, intelligence, motivations and achievement, without distinction on the basis of race, gender, immigration status or religious preference. The University, through its Committee on Admissions, selects for its first-year class those students most likely to profit from the educational offerings of Georgetown. New students are admitted in the fall semester and for full-time study only.​

We believe that the college admissions process is a very personal experience which deeply affects the lives of our applicants. In order to fulfill our commitment to this holistic admissions process, Georgetown uses its own application, which allows our applicants to best express their personalities, talents, skills and accomplishments. The Georgetown Application benefits our applicants in many ways.

  • Our personalized application allows us to keep our applicant pool to a manageable size which guarantees that all applications will be read by a regional Admissions Officer who will apply his/her regional knowledge to the decision making process.
  • We are able to offer each applicant an alumni interview, which further personalizes the process by allowing the applicant to tell his/her story in his/her own words.
  • The Georgetown Application allows high school counselors and teachers to submit personalized letters of recommendation for our applicants.

Georgetown offers students the opportunity to apply in two ways: Early Action or Regular Decision.

Regardless of whether you apply Early Action or Regular Decision, we encourage you to begin your application by submitting the Georgetown Application as soon as possible. Filling out and submitting the Georgetown Application should only take you a few minutes. Once you submit the Georgetown Application, we will open your application file and begin the process of scheduling your required interview with a member of our Alumni Admissions Program committee in your local area.

Since we communicate with candidates about scheduling alumni interviews as well as missing credentials via email, we kindly ask that you allow access for email addresses through any spam filters you or your internet service provider employs. Blocked emails of a timely nature can hinder critical communication.


Checklist and Deadlines

No application will be considered until all of the required credentials have been received. A notice of missing credentials will be emailed, but students should make every effort to ensure that they are submitted on time (see deadlines below). A complete application includes the following information:

  • Georgetown Application (for Transfer Application click here)
  • Application Supplement
  • Secondary School Report (including transcript)
  • Teacher's Recommendation
  • A Non-refundable Application Fee of $75.00 - payable in USD
  • Results of the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test or the American College Testing Program examination sent directly from the testing service
  • Scores from College Board SAT Subject Tests sent directly from the testing service

All applicants for Early Action must clearly indicate their intention in the appropriate space on the application form, but otherwise should follow the normal application procedure. While we recommend that Early Action applicants complete testing requirements in their junior year, scores from the September and October test dates will typically arrive in time for consideration at Early Action. Students should make certain to request that scores be sent to Georgetown well in advance of the deadline to ensure timely receipt.

All admitted first year students will then have until May 1 to submit their enrollment agreement and non-refundable deposit to reserve a place in the first year class.

Early Action applicants should submit all materials by November 1, and will be notified by the admissions committee of their admissions decision by December 15. Regular Decision applicants should have all application materials postmarked by January 10 and will be notified by admissions committees of their admissions decision by April 1. Accepted students have until May 1 to mail their deposit.

Date or Deadline Action
As soon as possible Submit the Georgetown Application
November 1 Deadline for Early Action applications
December 15 Announcement of Early Action results
January 10 Deadline for Regular Decision applications
February 1 Deadline for financial aid forms: CSS Profile and FAFSA
April 1 Announcement of Regular Decision results
May 1 Reply date for all accepted first year students

We appreciate your interest in Georgetown and look forward to learning more about you and your accomplishments in the coming months.